2021: The Year of Regeneration

As our new book “35 Years of Minnesota Women” reveals, there is a sameness to many issues raised by women over several decades — the experiences, frustrations, emotions, and ideas of generations of change-makers. It was disheartening to read so many stories from our archives with women trying to raise awareness of the same inequities year after year.

Yet it also feeds us energy for what 2021 will become. Forgive the metaphor, but I see past voices blending together into a kind of rich compost for this year’s work. Minnesota Women’s Press will stir up long-time issues with an intergenerational perspective — what was then, what fuels now, and how solidarity and innovation yield greater results.

In short, 2021 is our “Year of Regeneration.” Whether we are talking about anti-poverty, anti-racism, transforming justice — or self-care, healing from trauma, and finding inspiration in creativity and spirituality — coverage will be focused on past, present, and future women who are helping to move our society away from one in which only a small percentage thrives. Developing a regenerative community is about infusing life and activity into the whole.

How will we aim toward that end?

  1. Many of our online stories will dig into the history of issues, and include youth to elders offering perspective, much as we did this fall with a conversation between Carolyn Holbrook and her granddaughter Tess Montgomery on race.
  2. We have lined up several strong commentators who will be offering viewpoints in regular Perspectives columns. Please use the Comment function. Weigh in on who you are, that you care, maybe what it inspired you to think about or do.
  3. Share any of our highlighted stories below with people you think might benefit from the ideas and insights. Together we can expand conversations beyond our existing enlightened community.

Myself, I am taking some respite time to read, reflect, and write, as we move toward a March special issue on “Transforming Justice,” thanks to funding from Minneapolis Foundation.

Starting January 1, I will be offering reflections and ideas for action as I go in a new personal series, “Learning How to Be an Ally.” Please join me there.

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