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Robin Wonsley — How to be Badass Together

That is the common denominator that I see among all of us badass women, especially those in this room right now. We all share this deep, abiding passion for creating transformative change.

Mary Moore Easter: On the Page, In the World

In my fear, I was convinced that if I could amass a group of Black women, the sight of us would bring this dangerously behaving man to his senses.

Magdalena Kaluza: Direct Action

"By sharing vulnerability, we build deeper relationships. We need deep relationships to face what’s coming — floods, heat waves, climate refugees.”

Visual Q&A: Collective Action conversation

Talking with three Collective Action storytellers
State Sen. Melisa Franzen (DFL-Edina)

Sen. Melisa Franzen: Tackling the status quo

Young Puerto Rican mother steps out of boxes in Minnesota Senate

Tag Archive for: solidarity