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On April 16, 2020, Minnesota Women’s Press begins its 36th year as a for-profit publication for women, by women, about women. This makes it unique in the country — we have remained in print longer than any other feminist publication at a monthly frequency.

COVID-19 changes that streak somewhat. Our May issue will be digital-only, until we know that our 500 distribution sites are re-opened, and our small business advertisers can support what we do.

Yet we continue to share the stories of Minnesota’s powerful, everyday women. In fact, we are stepping up our digital offerings to include special Quaranzines of original content.

If you have missed some of our past storytelling, here are the Top 15 most popular stories (as of 4/1/2020):

TOP 15 Online Stories as of 4/1/2020 

Financial Trauma, by Tess Montgomery 

Lessons From Dying, by Sarah Agaton Howe 

Indigenous Science, by Miigis Gonzalez 

Columbus and Sex Trafficking, by Christine Stark 

Native Foodways, by Dana Thompson 

21 Grams, by Gaea Dill-D’Ascoli 

The Struggle to Build a Family: Nancy Lyons, reported by Erica Rivera 

Fair Shake: Hayley Srur, reported by Shannon Drury 

Women for Trump: An Observation, by Lisa Burke 

Mindful Consumption, by Anupama Pasricha 

Of Mirrors and Windows: Sarah Park Dahlen, reported by Lydia Moran 

The Economic Impact of Immigration, reported by Siena Iwasaki Milbauer 

Turning Tragedy into Action: Valerie Castile, reported by Erica Rivera 

The Upcycler: Kristen McCoy, reported by Isabelle Bousquette 

Orphans of Skynet, by Sun Yung Shin 

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