Story Topics

2024: The Year of Healthy Collaboration

All story ideas can be sent to with “Story Idea” in subject line. If you are pitching a reported article, please include 2-3 links to past work.

January Artists on Artists
Minnesota artists interview one another about creativity, work, and the artistic life. Special sections: Pets, Camp & Kids
February No Place Like Home

How Minnesotans are trying to solve the housing crisis. Special sections: Money & Business, Education & Learning

March On the Surface

How vegetation in Minnesota could have an impact on — and is impacted by — climate change. Special sections: Elder, Camp & Kids

April Celebrating Badasses

The ways we celebrate what we love. Special sections: Healing, Home & Garden

May Mental Health

From prenatal development to old age, how our mental well-being affects our lives. Special sections: Travel & Adventure, Camp & Kids, Readers Recommend

June IN PROCESS: Hometown Vision & Values

Stories from our visits around the state. Special sections: Elder, Home & Garden

Sports & Adventure

The ways we are active. Special sections: Buy Local, Pets

August MinneAsians
An exploration of Asian cultures and identity in Minnesota. Special sections: Healing, Education & Learning
September Menopause

How we age matters. Special sections: Directory, Elder, Travel & Adventure

October Generations

In-depth intergenerational conversations between everyday people. Special sections: Money & Business, Nonprofit

November Veterans

We amplify the voices of women veterans. Special sections: Holiday, Pets

December Changemakers Our annual issue focused on people and organizations who made change in 2024 around equity, justice, and self-determination for women and children.
Special sections: Healing, Holiday

Thank you for your interest in writing for or sharing story ideas with Minnesota Women’s Press.

Minnesota Women’s Press is a mix of the work of intersectional and intergenerational writers/reporters, combined with readers who have first-person stories to share. Some of the most poignant writing comes from women who might not have writing experience, but have personal life experiences to share. 

Each month has one umbrella theme, and a few special sections. We include only stories that fit into those themes. We ask community members for suggestions on our topics months in advance. Read our current stories before proposing an idea in order to understand our approach. We have many more story ideas than we can afford to print, and look for a blend of demographics, geographies, and unique feminist and creative lenses on a topic.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON TIMING: We assign our stories two months in advance. A story for the December issue will be assigned on October 1, with a rough draft due date of October 20, and a final draft review — after it goes through copy-editing, fact-checking, and preliminary design — on November 10. We ask for head shots submitted for all personal essays, and assign our photographer to featured stories.

Payment: As a free publication for more than 25,000 people, our expenses are deep for distribution and printing costs. We publish online commentaries with no payment. Personal essays are assigned for $100. Reported stories are 20/cents a word for non-professional writers, and 25/cents for those with more experience. Most of our stories average 800 words.

Ethics: We rarely run stories that promote a person’s business or book/product, but when we do it is because it ties into an existing theme. We don’t tend to pay for those, since it is of mutual benefit to the individual’s work.


The following guidelines were created to help you prepare your essay or letter for publication.

  • Essays are always written in the first person and are based on the writer’s personal experience or feelings about an issue or topic.
  • Submissions are for use in the print and/or online versions of our magazine.
  • Your chances of submitting something that works well for our audience are greatly enhanced if you are well-informed about the stories we tend to feature. Please don’t submit ideas without having explored the sections on our website from the top menu.
  • Our content tends to be original.
  • All of our writers live in Minnesota or have a strong Minnesota connection.
  • We do not tend to quote men or use them as experts. While we recognize the need to build community and tackle issues together, the genesis for this publication is that men have tended to get plenty of voice and this is a space for women and LGBTQ+ people.
  • We edit for adherence to our AP-influenced style guide and for length. When time allows, we share revisions with the writer ahead of our final production days.
  • All essays should be submitted by email. Please, no phone calls.
  • We receive more submissions than we can publish, and we cannot always respond.
  • Sometimes we plan to publish your submission, but space considerations may force us to hold it for a later issue. We keep a database of stories that pertain to our upcoming themes.