Story Topics

2022: Year of Solutions

We are pleased to announce the editorial themes for 2022. In alignment with the development of our new Changemakers Alliance network, we will largely be focusing on long-standing issues that require deeper stories and statewide solidarity if we are to create sustainable solutions. (Additional listening sessions will be scheduled as suggested by members, if we are able to hire moderators and a Collaboration Coordinator with donations.)

All story ideas can be sent to [email protected] with “Story Idea” in subject line.

January Fear
What are you afraid of in your personal life? What do you fear about society? How does fear shape our culture?
Special sections: Pets, Camp & Kids
Changemakers Alliance (members only): Let’s Talk About Fears
February Statewide Equity
How could the 2022 legislative session balance the state’s inequities?
Special sections: Money & Business, Education & Learning
Changemakers Alliance: Statewide Legislative Priorities (equity)
March Fluidity
Shape-shifting, flow, and transformation as lifestyle choices.
Special sections: Camp & Kids, Elder
Changemakers Alliance: Stigma & Recovery (trauma)
April The Transition Movement
How community groups around Minnesota are working toward local sustainability, food sovereignty, and co-op economies as part of the global Transition Network.
Special sections: Healing, Home & Garden
Changemakers Alliance: What is the ‘Commons?’ (ecosystems)
May Birth
Reproductive justice, giving birth, maternal health and wellbeing.
Special sections: Readers Recommend, Camp & Kids, Travel & Adventure
Changemakers Alliance: Improving the Lives of Children (justice)
June Stigma
How addiction and recovery are impacted by shaming, punishment, and judgment.
Special sections: Elder, Home & Garden
July Language
Imperfect, imprecise, changeable. How does communication shape our values?
Special sections: Buy Local, Pets
August The Commons
What happens when water, land, and air are recognized as shared resources rather than commodities? A futuristic exploration.
Special sections: Healing, Education & Learning
September Release
Life after prison. Working to address trauma caused by the criminal legal system.
Special sections: Directory, Elder, Travel & Adventure
Changemakers Alliance (members only): Nominate 2022 Changemakers
October Children Serving Minnesota’s youngest people better. How childhood experiences impact who we are.
Special sections: Money & Business, Non-Profit, Voting
Changemakers Alliance: Using Voice & Vote
November Body Caring for and loving our physical selves.
Special sections: Holiday, Pets
December Changemakers Our annual issue focused on 10 people and organizations who made change in 2021 around equity, justice, and self-determination for women and children.
Special sections: Healing, Holiday
Changemakers Alliance (members only): Meet the 2022 Changemakers

Thank you for your interest in writing for or sharing story ideas with Minnesota Women’s Press.

Minnesota Women’s Press is a mix of the work of intersectional and intergenerational writers/reporters, combined with readers who have first-person stories to share. Some of the most poignant writing comes from women who might not have writing experience, but have personal life experiences to share. 

Each month has one umbrella theme, and a few special sections. We include only stories that fit into those themes. We ask community members for suggestions on our topics months in advance. Read our current stories before proposing an idea in order to understand our approach.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON TIMING: We assign our stories two months in advance. A story for the December issue will be assigned on October 1, with a rough draft due date of October 20, and a final draft review — after it goes through copy-editing, fact-checking, and preliminary design — on November 10. We ask for head shots submitted for all personal essays, and assign our photographer to featured stories.

Payment: As a free publication for more than 25,000 people, our expenses are deep for distribution and printing costs. We publish online opinion stories with no payment. Personal essays are assigned for $100. Reported stories run at 20/cents a word. Most of our stories average 700 words.

Ethics: We rarely run stories that promote a person’s business or book/product, but when we do it is because it ties into an existing theme. We don’t tend to pay for those, since it is of mutual benefit to the individual’s work.

Content Categories

Tapestry is designed for readers to contribute to the topic-of-the-month in short form. Submit artwork, infographics, or thoughts of roughly 300 words related to the monthly theme to [email protected] To be considered, send by the 3rd of the previous month (i.e., March 3 for April issue). The monthly prompt question can be found in our e-newsletter.

Opinions and Commentaries
We publish a variety of opinion essays by readers, and columns by a rotating list of regulars. Additionally, if you want to express views about something we have published, send us a message that we will include online. Include your first and last name, and city of residence; email to [email protected].


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