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Thank you for your interest in writing for Minnesota Women’s Press.

Minnesota Women’s Press is a mix of the work of professional writers/reporters and readers who have first-person stories to share. Some of the most poignant writing comes from women who might not have writing experience, but have deep personal life stories to tell. Each issue includes stories from an intersectional and intergenerational range of storytellers.

Each month has one umbrella theme, and a few special sections. We include only stories that fit into those themes.

20/20 Vision THEMES

The underlying theme in 2020 is that we are all connected in a universal ecosystem. How is our community leadership reflecting that vision? How are powerful, everyday women helping us to stop destroying/ignoring parts of the whole? How are we connecting around collaborative and communal vision? How do we do better when we all do better? What are actionable steps, and ways for readers to interact?

Our team, with input from community, discussed 30 themes and we have settled on these topics for 2020:

JanuaryOriginsThe starting points of people’s stories (e.g. immigrants), roots, planet/universe. Special sections: Camp, Education & Lifelong Learning, New Year
FebruaryTasteFood & Fashion, ecosystem of our sustenance, varied images of beauty. Special sections: Health & Wellness, Money & Business, Pets
March Money MattersPioneers in making women’s worth work for all. Special sections: Camp, Elder Care, Spirituality
AprilCreatorsWomen in trades and STEM, artisans, honor MWP’s anniversary. Special sections: Celebrations, Home, Green
MaySong of LifeAll musicians and dancers, voice and instrument. Special sections: Kids, our annual What Women Want readers’ favorites survey results
JuneThe BinaryWays we polarize and create dualities that are in our minds, how to reduce divisions. Special sections: Elder Care, Pride, Travel
JulyClimateA deep dive into the ecosystem of earth, alternative energy, green economy. Special sections: Health & Wellness,
Buy Local
AugustBody Body image, embodiment, health, aging, ableism. Special sections: Education & Lifelong Learning,Travel, Pets
SeptemberRelationshipThe pleasure of activism at grassroots level, the fun of group collaborations. Special sections: Elder Care, Spirituality, Annual Directory of Women-Friendly Businesses
OctoberGatekeepersWho blocks and enables our access in politics, art, healthcare, and more. Special sections: Education & Lifelong Learning, Health & Wellness, Money & Business, Vote
NovemberBeing WholeMind, spirit, soul — restoration, rejuvenation, self-care, sexuality. Special sections: Pets, Giving, Holiday
DecemberChangemakersOur annual honor of 10-12 Changemakers as nominated by community. Special sections: Holiday, Spirituality

All story ideas can be sent to with “Story Idea” in subject line.

Payment: To keep our costs low, as a free publication, we do not typically pay for reader-submitted essays. We pay a small fee to reporters and assignment writers, and are beginning to work with sponsors to enhance revenue streams for a deeper Storytelling Fund.

Deadline: We decide on the story mix for an issue two months prior to the issue, with stories due no later than 6 weeks prior to the issue date (roughly by the 20th), so we can do photo shoots, copyediting, fact-checking, and design no later than the 10th of the preceding month.

Content Categories

We feature regular sections that tend to follow the theme of the month. Find past stories here on the website to give you a better sense of how you might position your story idea according to the categories we tend to focus on.

News & Activism: Action, Equity, Ecosystem, Politics/Policy. Action includes insights about how to make change happen in the community, complete with next steps. Up to 600 words.

Community: Adventure/Sports, Arts, Education, Food, Greater MN, Indigenous, Identity, LGBTQ+, Money/Biz

Self: Ages/Stages, Books, End of Life, Family/Home, Health/Healing, Sexuality, Spirituality, Trauma

P.O.V.: Our Tapestry items, Perspective columns, Editor’s Letter, letters to the editor. Tapestry is designed for readers to contribute to the topic-of-the-month in short form. Submit artwork, infographics, or thoughts of roughly 300 words related to the monthly theme to; to be considered, send by the 5th of the previous month (i.e., March 5 for April issue). Our editor’s letter tends to give a prompt for inspiration on future themes.

Letters to the Editor
Do you love or hate something we published? Whether you’re giving kudos or reading us the riot act, please share your views on anything we’ve published recently by writing a letter to the editor. Limit your letters to 150 words, and include your first and last name, city of residence, and a daytime phone number where you can be reached; email to with LETTER in the subject line. These are made available only online.


The following guidelines were created to help you prepare your essay or letter for publication.