Story Ideas

Thank you for your interest in writing for or sharing story ideas with Minnesota Women’s Press.

Minnesota Women’s Press is a mix of the work of professional writers/reporters and readers who have first-person stories to share. Some of the most poignant writing comes from women who might not have writing experience, but have personal life stories to share. Each issue includes stories from an intersectional and intergenerational range of storytellers.

Each month has one umbrella theme, and a few special sections. We include only stories that fit into those themes. It is easiest to submit for one of our special section topics and Tapestry. NOTE: We assign our stories two months in advance.

2021 Regeneration THEMES

With input from community, we are pleased to announce the editorial themes for 2021. Our team discussed 28 themes and we have settled on these topics with the underlying theme of Regeneration:

Feb. Isolation
How are we living through a pandemic- infused winter? How has isolation birthed new ways of connecting? Special sections: Camp & Kids, Money & Business, Pets
Mar. Transforming Justice
Solutions and perspectives, inspired by listening sessions and our ongoing Visual Q&A series. Special sections: Camp & Kids, Elder Care, Spirituality
Apr. The MMIR Story
Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives is a widespread, under- reported epidemic. We explore the Minnesota story of this ongoing crisis. Special sections: Nesting [formerly Home], Green, Health
May Color
How artists transform communities. Special sections:  Readers Recommend, Camp & Kids, Travel
June Reconstruction
The ways Minnesotans are building anti-racist culture and recovering from the pandemic. Special sections: Elder Care, Pride, Pets
July/Aug. Double Issue: Elements
Earth, Air, Water, Fire. Storytellers share their relationship with one of the primary elements in nature. Special sections: Buy Local, Health, Education
Sept. Time
How is time both a tool and a construct? Special sections: Directory, Travel, Elder, Spirituality
Oct. Vulnerability and Strength
How current culture still fails to address and hold accountable the systems and perpetrators of sexual assault. Special sections: Education, Health & Wellness, Money & Business
Nov. Ecolution
Summarizing a year of learning from our storytelling revolution focused on collaborative, eco-friendly initiatives. Special sections: Pets, Giving, Holiday
Dec. Changemakers Our annual issue focused on 10 people and organizations who made change in 2021 around equity, justice, and self-determination for women and children. Special sections: Education, Holiday, Spirituality  

All story ideas can be sent to with “Story Idea” in subject line.

Payment: To keep our costs low, as a free publication, we do not typically pay for reader-submitted essays. We rarely run stories that promote a person’s business or book/product, but when we do it is because it ties into an existing theme — we don’t tend to pay for those, since it is of mutual benefit to the individual’s work. We pay an average of 20/cents word to reporters and writers we have assigned to a story, which tend to run from 500 to 800 words. We always welcome contributors to our Storytelling Fund to enable us to pay more writers in our communities.

Deadline: We decide on the story mix for an issue two months prior to the issue, with stories due no later than 6 weeks prior to the issue date (roughly by the 20th), so we can do photo shoots, copyediting, fact-checking, and design no later than the 10th of the preceding month.

Content Categories

We feature regular sections that tend to follow the theme of the month. Find past stories here on the website to give you a better sense of how you might position your story idea according to the categories we tend to focus on.

News & Activism: Action = Change, Equity, Ecolution, Politics/Policy, Transforming Justice. Action includes insights about how to make change happen in the community, complete with next steps. Roughly 700 words.

Community: Adventure/Sports, Arts, Education, Food, Greater MN, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, Money/Biz

Self: Ages/Stages, Books, End of Life, Family/Home, Health/Self-care, Sexuality, Spirituality, Trauma

P.O.V.: Our Tapestry items, Perspective columns, Identity, Editor’s Letter, letters to the editor (when available). Tapestry is designed for readers to contribute to the topic-of-the-month in short form. Submit artwork, infographics, or thoughts of roughly 300 words related to the monthly theme to; to be considered, send by the 10th of the previous month (i.e., March 10 for April issue). Our previous Tapestry tends to give a prompt for inspiration.

Letters to the Editor
Do you love or hate something we published? Whether you’re giving kudos or reading us the riot act, please share your views on anything we’ve published recently by writing a letter to the editor. Limit your letters to 150 words, and include your first and last name, city of residence, and a daytime phone number where you can be reached; email to with LETTER in the subject line. These are made available only online.


The following guidelines were created to help you prepare your essay or letter for publication.