Minnesota Women’s Press has been sharing the voices and vision of women since 1985, as one of the longest continuously run feminist platforms (print and digital) in the U.S, with award-winning photography and website.

Print Magazine Mission

Authentic community-based journalism that amplifies and inspires the stories and leadership of powerful, everyday women (cis and trans) and nonbinary people.

Changemakers Alliance Mission

Media that makes a difference — bringing Minnesotans together in discussion around challenges, solutions, and action steps.

“Be a Badass” Membership Vision

We are all parts of a greater whole. Our stronger future will be built from the collective energy of people who shift narratives to effect change.


The Twin Cities-based publication was launched by Mollie Hoben and Glenda Martin on April 16, 1985. The idea started in 1984 to publish a biweekly newspaper dedicated to telling stories about Minnesota women, by women, for women. Norma Smith Olson and Kathy Magnuson were co-owners from 2003 to 2017, transitioning in February 2009 to a monthly magazine format. On December 14, 2017, the magazine was bought by Mikki Morrissette, who serves as the publisher and editor.


Advertising/Sales & DevelopmentAshley Findlay

Billing/LineAds/Subscriptions/Donations Fariba Sanikhatam

Design/Production/Office/DistributionSarah Whiting

Publisher/Editor/Digital Development/Changemakers Alliance – Mikki Morrissette (emails preferred to phone calls)

Associate Editor/Newsletter/Arts/Calendar LiaisonLydia Moran

Extended (non-staff) Team

We work with roughly 50 different freelance writers each year.

Marketing Manager: Amber Lynum

Outreach Director: Crystal Brown

Proofreader: Abbie Phelps

Development Director: seeking

Distribution: Metro Periodicals

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The Minnesota Women’s Directory is an affiliated annual publication that connects readers with women in business and women-centered organizations.

Changemakers Alliance (CALL) was launched in 2022 to bring people statewide together in conversations about issues, visions, and values as “Media That Makes a Difference.” The CALL Connections newsletter updates readers.

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