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What Is Our Story of Equity? Editor’s Letter & TOC

“People need jobs, equality, education. We still need to organize to learn how the economics and politics drive everything
in life. Can’t stop now.”
—Nellie Stone Johnson, at the age of 90 in 1995

  •  01/27/2022

Sexual Violence Prevention = Housing Justice

Stable housing is vital for survivors of violence to heal and feel safe again.

  •  01/27/2022


Changemakers alliance

Changemakers Alliance

A new model of collaborative media that is not simply reported FOR community but WITH community.

  •  01/27/2022

Seeking Agricultural Equity

It is not easy to access and maintain land, and Minnesota farmers — especially those of color and those who want to use sustainable practices — are struggling.

  •  01/27/2022



An Easy Way to Support Local Businesses

Our annual Readers Recommend poll is open.

  •  01/27/2022

Reverberating Bodies

It is time for Vietnamese women to be celebrated for our capacity to create visions of joy and wonder that speak to the spirit of all people.

  •  01/27/2022