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Collectively, We Hold These Truths: Editor’s Letter and TOC

We all need to be involved
in building communities, not focused solely on developing things. — Winona LaDuke

  •  07/28/2022

Tapestry: The Commons

We asked readers to share their thoughts on what a world might look like if we respected the rights of nature.

  •  07/28/2022



Why Nature Needs Legal Rights: The Manoomin Case

“There is no accounting for the dead beaver, the dead muskrat, the poison in the water.”

  •  07/28/2022

Reclaiming Rights From Government and Industry

Grant Township in Pennsylvania, a town of 600, was sued three times by an energy company and the state’s department

  •  07/28/2022


Winkler photo (if needed)

Values & Vision: Author Anne Winkler-Morey

This represents an excerpt of a Changemakers Alliance conversation we hosted with Anne Winkler-Morey, author of “Allegiance to Winds and

  •  08/09/2022
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Imagine the Year 2060

People emerged from their homes with shocked, confused stares, like deer emerging from forest wildfire.

  •  07/28/2022