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What Success Looks Like After Incarceration

It is rare for women who have graduated from the program to return to prison.

  •  09/13/2022

BookShelf: “When Women Were Dragons”

Invitation to readers: If you were alive in 1955, share what different direction you might have taken with your life had the opportunity been there — or what you did do that was considered nontraditional. Send to [email protected]

  •  08/25/2022



Reprint: The Police Are Defunding Minneapolis

The combination of these payouts and police misconduct settlements is approaching $150 million dollars. That’s more than three fourths of what the MPD’s budget was in 2020.

  •  09/09/2022

Great North Innocence Project

“If you are imprisoned and you are innocent of a crime, you can imagine that it just compounds the trauma.”

  •  08/25/2022



Women in Politics: Mindy Greiling on mental health and mentorship

Don’t decide to run until you have your helpers. You need a treasurer or someone to collect up the money and put it in the bank and get the thank yous ready. You need a volunteer coordinator who will recruit people to go door knocking with you who will help. You need someone to head up doing your social media.

  •  09/25/2022
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Thoughts: Quarantined in Prison

I was let out of my cell for only an hour a day … for weeks on end.

  •  08/25/2022