Point of View


In the News: October 2020

Racism is a public health crisis… Mapping prejudice… Police response… Immigrant children on the border… #METoo Music for Minnesota… What companies got payroll protection?

  •  09/22/2020

Changing the Demographic

Gated communities are created largely to keep certain people out. How is the monotone nature of many decision-makers impacting society?

  •  09/22/2020



Who Pays for Rebuilding?

The impact of the pandemic and unrest after George Floyd’s murder “uncovered what we’ve known for decades. The rebuild is part of a larger ecosystem that needs attention.”

  •  09/22/2020

Coming Soon — Visual Q&A: Collective Action recording

Talking with three Collective Action storytellers

  •  09/22/2020



Extremism vs. Democracy

“What people look like … is the visible cue to their caste. It is the historic flash card to the public of how they are to be treated, where they are expected to live, what kinds of positions they are expected to hold…”

  •  09/22/2020

Reimagining Rural Healthcare

“How do we create a system — not a business?”

  •  09/22/2020