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_03A1691Georgia Fort photo Sarah Whiting

Georgia Fort: Holding Media Accountable

“It is about examining the media industry and saying, ‘How can we be better collectively? How can we stop being an industry that causes further harm to marginalized and oppressed communities?’”

  •  11/30/2021

Holiday Reading Suggestions 2021

New releases from Minnesota authors.

  •  11/30/2021



Creative Revitalization in Granite Falls

We engage as human beings first.

  •  11/30/2021

Naheed and Yusra Murad: Supporting Basic Needs

“It is not possible for someone to have a sense of physical, mental, and social well-being without having safe, stable, dignified housing.”

  •  11/30/2021


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Stronger Sexual Assault Statutes

“I think that ensuring justice for assault survivors is a priority for everyone. It just doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.”

  •  11/30/2021
Natalie-Mcguire-Bridge-to-Wonder-(2) copy

An Empty Frame in Texas

I could not send my art to a state that would support a trampling of “the right to choose.”

  •  11/30/2021
fear survey
  •  11/30/2021