Ecolution #2: Collectives

In our first clip from the Angela Dawson interview, she talked about why
40 Acre Co-op needed to be created.

this page is developing further in the coming weeks…

Questions we had for Angela:

  • In 1920, there were nearly a million African American farmers. Today, there are 45,508. How did that happen?
  • How did Black farmers influence modern agriculture?
  • Tell us about Forty Acre Co-op. Where did the inspiration come from and how did it evolve?
  • How did you evolve from someone in public health to doing this work?
  • Why a co-op model?
  • What kinds of support does the co-op offer members and why is this important?
  • What products are the farmers you work with growing?
  • COVID is showing how our local food system is not working well — with crops, dairy, eggs, and livestock destroyed because of distribution and production bottlenecks. Can you talk about this for our listeners? Why does this happen?

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