Visual Q&A: Priscilla Trinh

Ecolution reporting made possible by Seward Co-op, which has been a community-owned grocer since 1972: Together, we continue to cultivate a cooperative economy.

We are kicking off a campaign we are calling Ecolution — taking our unique brand of storytelling and applying it to spotlight the revolutionary ways women in particular are co-creating sustainable economies and ecosystems that value all people and all planet.

What does this mean? It means we believe society’s old narratives of what human beings and natural resources are worth is changing. We are showing those narratives turned inside out, or, more accurately, outside in.

Even if we don’t think of ourselves as revolutionaries, every day that we choose products and services as consumers — where our food comes from, for example, and whether it is created by local entrepreneurs — is a day we are capable of transforming our communities.

Cooperative economies, collaborative ventures, and conscious consumerism are a few ways we effect new models of doing business. Minnesota Women’s Press will systematically cover these stories, especially as we rebuild from a pandemic, demonstrations that insist on justice for human life, and the erosion of vital resources due to climate crisis. Who is doing things differently? What solutions are working, how, and what needs to be adjusted?

This ongoing Ecolution series will feature weekly stories and interviews for members who want to be part of the conversation. If you are curious; are interested in food, economic, and health justice; seek new models of doing business; or simply enjoy reading about Minnesota innovators, add your email in the Comments section below (it won’t be made public). We will begin alerting readers to regular spotlights in mid-August.

Our first interview in the Ecolution series is Priscilla Trinh, who wrote “Implications for the Future” for us in May. Her visual conversation was with Minnesota Women’s Press contributor Siena Iwasaki Milbauer on June 19, 2020, to talk about the intersectionalities of justice, race, climate, and youthful energy.




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