Editor’s Letter


On Preferences

This month’s topic: How are society’s tastes changing? We all wore uniforms at my Catholic elementary school, including the nuns

  • 01/26/2020

Where We Begin

“The past is an inheritance, a gift, and a burden. It can’t be shirked. You carry it everywhere. There’s nothing for it but to get to know it.”
— Jill Lepore

  • 12/23/2019

The Process of Change

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.” — Angela Davis

  • 11/26/2019

Travelers on Turtle Island

“We women turn things inside out and set things right. We salvage what we can of human garments and piece the rest into blankets.
— Louise Erdrich, “Four Souls”

  • 10/27/2019

Co-Creating the Future

“My vision of any future that we might have is that it will be led by women.”—Alice Walker

  • 09/24/2019

Fresh Perspectives

This issue of Minnesota Women’s Press is about listening to the vision and voices of our new, empowered, feminist leaders.

  • 08/24/2019

Making Connections

Growing up in the 1960s and 1970s, in what was then the small town of Prior Lake, I connected with

  • 08/01/2019

Transformative Thinking

For more than 100 years, behavioral psychologists have known that punishment does not prevent most crime. What mattered for improving

  • 07/01/2019

Planting Seeds

During a recent visit to Washington D.C., my kids and I visited museums that reminded us how humanity can fail

  • 06/01/2019

Pivot Points

Pivot points are what I call those meaningful moments that end up leading to an unexpected trajectory in a person’s

  • 05/01/2019