Preparing for the Future: Editor’s Letter and TOC

Many of our readers understand the value of investing in education, mental health, and housing security — especially for our youngest generation — which also reduces violence and trauma, now and in the future.

In this issue we look at how a new nonprofit is co-designing curriculum with students, how students are using their voices with media arts organizations, and how nine early development centers are getting support for trauma-informed child care practices. We hear from two women who grew up experiencing the conflicts and joys of school integration. Our Voting Guide looks at how youth mental health, the foster care system, housing, and protection against environmental toxins were supported, or not, by current legislators.

Our online-only stories in October include conversations with a diverse group of current and former Minnesota candidates about topics such as ethnic studies, reproductive justice, anti- racism efforts, and the benefits of women’s leadership. For updates, sign up at

2023: The Year of Rebalance

At our annual staff retreat in September, we discussed the themes for next year that will direct storytelling for the print magazine, as well as the online Changemakers Alliance conversations-to-action topics.

Rebalance involves connecting with people, finding spaces for healing, and working collectively for justice, safety, and equity. Our stories in 2023 will look at intergenerational mentoring, stories from along our mighty Mississippi River, the resurgence of Minnesota’s labor unions, and more.

Changemakers Alliance (CALL) will center future discussions and stories on defusing toxic masculinity, being a safe haven for reproductive justice, and exploring Main Street rejuvenations by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color entrepreneurs. We will return to the Under 30 theme we did in 2019 and ask young people to guest direct our April issue. We will also share insights from CALL Values & Vision
discussions, which have thus far focused on books about opioid addiction, a woman’s countrywide bike tour, and how to experience grief alongside gratitude.

Movement Together

In short, the Minnesota Women’s Press mission is deepening in 2023, to bear witness to both the pain and the hope of the era of change we are living in together. Please join us.

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We have had to trim our page numbers this year because of rising paper, ink, and distribution costs, but we have not reduced our commitment — as the longest continuously run feminist publication in the U.S. — to collect and share the stories of powerful, everyday people who fuel Minnesota’s evolution.

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Our September issue included a story about the Healthy Start program that enables pregnant mothers who are incarcerated to spend more time with their infants after birth. The Department of Corrections was unable to talk with us before the story was published. We have since published more information from them about the program in the online version of the story.

Table of Contents: October 2022

Family/Home — When Two Schools Merged

Education — A Student-Designed School is Remaking Education

Policy/Politics — Legislating for Children

Ages/Stages — Teens Explore Their Roots Through Media

Money/Biz — Twin Cities Early Childhood Centers to Participate in Trauma-Informed Training

In the News — Recovery Guide for Post–School Shootings, Lack of Technology Teaching

Thoughts — “Me”

Classified Ads