Talking Politics With Disabled Community Members

Local advocate Judy Moe, Director of the Richfield Disability Advocacy Project (R-DAP), is focused on mobilizing the disability community’s vote.


Q&A With Publisher and Editor on Sue Scott Podcast

Minnesota Women’s Press and Changemakers Alliance founder Mikki Morrissette was featured on Sue Scott’s “Island of Discarded Women” show. They


Women in Politics: Mindy Greiling on mental health and mentorship

This ongoing series of conversations with Minnesota women about their engagement in politics was created as a collaboration between Amra


Reprint: Facts about Voting

Newsrooms across the country are shining a light on threats to democracy.


What Success Looks Like After Incarceration

It is rare for women who have graduated from the program to return to prison.


Reprint: The Police Are Defunding Minneapolis

The combination of these payouts and police misconduct settlements is approaching $150 million dollars. That’s more than three fourths of what the MPD’s budget was in 2020.


How to Welcome New Ukrainian Neighbors

Minnesota welcomed 132 Afghan families last winter with strong volunteer action. Alight is now preparing for another group of new

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New Campaign to Bring Equal Rights to Minnesota Women

“Women are the majority, and it is time we exert our voting power to get the equality we deserve.”


Honoring Carla Kjellberg

“I wished I could give a fundraising pitch as persuasively as she did; I wished I could name hypocrisy as clearly as she did; I wished I could wear colors as boldly as she did.”

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We Are Hiring!

Join our growing team as Marketing and Development Specialist or Community Engagement Navigator


Our 2022-23 Directory Is Live!

The 2022-23 Directory of women-friendly businesses who support the longest continuously run feminist publication in the U.S.!

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Thoughts: Quarantined in Prison

I was let out of my cell for only an hour a day … for weeks on end.