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Iranian-Americans Rally at the Minnesota State Capitol 

On January 25, Iranian-Americans gathered at the Minnesota State Capitol for a rally  protesting the executions of political prisoners in

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UPDATES: 2023 Legislative Session

Gender-Based Violence Discussing Domestic Violence and Homeless Youth at Legislature Intense Testimony for Hearing about Missing and Murdered Black Women


Commentary: How Can We Thrive When We Can Barely Survive?

Nearly all of us are working, yet most of us seem to be worse off than ever. Why?


Discussing Domestic Violence and Homeless Youth at Legislature

January 24 — Rep. Kristin Bahner (DFL–37B) introduced HF424 to the House Public Safety and Finance Committee, in order to


Testimony on Behalf of Restoring the Right to Vote to Formerly Incarcerated Felons (HF28)

Testimony about House File 28: Right to vote restored to individuals convicted of a felony upon completion of any term of incarceration imposed and executed by a court for the offense.


Testimony in Support of New Public Safety Approach; HF25 Moves Forward in House

“If the people who had answered that [911] call could have identified that [my mother] was struggling with mental health, they could have connected her with services that prevented her suffering.”

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Northern Sun Is Closing With Giveaways and Deals

In 1979, Northern Sun opened up for business, largely by selling a backpack full of t-shirts from a bicycle with

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State Policy Makers Discuss Criminal Justice Reform

See related story about the January 19 House committee testimony for HF 25 January 16, 2023 — A group of


Tracking Where the Budget Surplus Goes

Updated weekly as session progresses

Changemakers alliance website

Changemakers Alliance: Media That Makes a Difference

Changemakers Alliance (CALL) was launched by Minnesota Women’s Press in 2022 to move our statewide community of engaged readers off


New Rules Discussed to Redefine Charges for Labor Trafficking in Minnesota

January 12, 2023 — House File 42 (HF42), which would amend the State of Minnesota’s definition of labor trafficking, as