What Can Feminists Make of the Eugenicist History of Abortion?

How free is the choice to have an abortion when disability is imagined to mean the end of potential?

  • 05/24/2023

All the Force in Her Gut

A post-Roe world isn’t quiet

  • 05/24/2023
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A Circle by the River

Line Break Media and 100PercentMN, a coalition of organizations working for a just and fossil-free future for Minnesota, produced this lovely

  • 04/27/2023

Hmong Minnesotan Efforts to Liberate Us From Violence

“[W]hether it is the police or the men in our community, it’s the same kind of violence. It is patriarchal violence.” 

  • 04/27/2023

Global Mind-Body Circles

I never imagined, sitting at home, typing away, that I would be involved in a revolution. Yet here I am. Here we are.

  • 04/26/2023

How to Learn a Language

Lately, I’ve been trying to dream a little bigger about what I do know in my first language.

  • 04/26/2023
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Navigating at Home

As I grow older, I find myself less driven by adrenaline, pride, or passion to change the world. I am more energized by the simple gatherings in my own community.

  • 04/26/2023

Supporting Underserved Students

She saw what was possible for me long before I did.

  • 04/26/2023

Mourning in the Age of Social Amnesia

There has been no cultural or political reckoning or processing of the loss that many of us experienced during the pandemic.

  • 03/30/2023
Lynette 1979 wedding

Red Flags: A Short Personal History of Domestic Abuse

What I wish I had recognized as red flags … and how easy it is to be vulnerable to an abusive partner

  • 02/22/2023

Commentary: How Can We Thrive When We Can Barely Survive?

Nearly all of us are working, yet most of us seem to be worse off than ever. Why?

  • 01/25/2023
Diane Rosenfeld John R. Boehm Photography

A Conversation with Diane Rosenfeld: What is the Bonobo Sisterhood?

We just have to come and answer the call to fend off the male. “Nobody pimps my sister. Everybody is my sister.”

  • 12/29/2022