Minneapolis City Council: Ward 11 Candidates

Chris Parsons I oppose Charter Amendment 2 and I support doubling the authorized strength of the Mpls police force.  This

Minneapolis City Council: Ward 10 Candidates

Aisha Chugtai Right now, we are asking our police to do too much. We ask them to be social workers

Minneapolis City Council: Ward 9 Candidates

Jason Chavez Everybody deserves to feel safe in their communities, and our city has an obligation to support the safety

Minneapolis City Council: Ward 7 Candidates

Joanna Diaz The violence is out of control in Minneapolis; just this past weekend there were 7 shootings and 11

Minneapolis City Council: Ward 6 Candidates

A. Bihi I believe that we need to include mental health professionals, social workers, and licensed peace officers in any

Minneapolis City Council: Ward 5 Candidates

Elijah Norris-Holliday  We are about 50 days away from election day, and currently, 65 homicides into the year, primarily young

Minneapolis City Council: Ward 4 Candidates

Phillipe Cunningham Our public safety challenges today are the result of the racial disparities due to Black folks in our

Minneapolis City Council: Ward 2 Candidates

Tom Anderson I support the Minnesota Supreme Court’s decision to allow the people of Minneapolis to have direct control over

Minneapolis City Council: Ward 1 Candidates

Elliott Payne I’ve had conversations with hundreds of Ward 1 neighbors and many have said their top priority is improving


Patterns of Violence

In May, Bruce Pofahl, 62, shot and killed two people and injured a third near Green Bay at a restaurant


Funding Needs for Gender-Based Violence

According to a National Alliance to End Sexual Violence (NAESV) survey, results from more than 600 programs revealed that 89


Legacy of Gender-Based Violence and Race

When we look back at crime, justice, and healing, there are patterns that have emerged indefinitely. For example, in 1992,