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Changemakers Alliance amplifies stories and solutions to long-standing issues and helps build statewide solidarity around action. It is the next step in the Minnesota Women's Press story-sharing evolution, started in 1985.

The Collaborative Revolution: Feminists Recreating Society

Do you care about healing trauma, transforming justice, restoring ecosystems, or building equitable and cooperative economies — which includes getting more women and BIPOC candidates into public office?

Historically, “salons” have been a regular social gathering of people, especially writers and artists, at a woman’s home. Consciousness raising was popularized by feminists in the late 1960s — people gathering in a conversation circle to bring attention to causes or oppressive conditions. Decades ago, Minnesota Women’s Press hosted discussion groups in its office.

We launched Changemakers Alliance (CALL) in January 2022 to bring rural, suburban, and urban voices together to discuss stories and solutions with a solidarity of statewide purpose. The topics we choose, and the projects we pursue, have been led by CALL members and supported by underwriters.

Phase One: Conversations

Completed so far in 2022 about fears, statewide equity, addiction and stigma, housing. More to come about LGBTQ+ health and rights, women in politics, resolving Iron Range and Boundary Waters politics and job needs, immigration and family identity, gun safety, gender-based violence, healing trauma. Monthly “Values & Vision” book series begins in June.

Past conversations summarized here

August series: “BIPOC Women in Politics,” led by CALL Navigator De’Vonna Pittman

September series: “Let’s Talk About Gun Safety,” led by CALL Navigator Camilla Breen

October series: “Defusing Toxic Masculinity: Let’s Talk With Men,” a virtual and in-person series to be developed with Global Rights for Women, Esperanza United, and others.

Possible November series: Let’s Talk about Reproductive Rights

Phase Two: Multimedia Storytelling

Thanks to Changemakers Alliance members, we have identified three housing projects to pursue once we have secured underwriting support. We will begin a second stage of women in politics series featuring BIPOC women candidates.

“Let’s Talk About Housing,” organized by Nelima Sitate Munene. Summary and next steps coming soon. Join the next stage by contacting [email protected].

“Polarization in Northern Minnesota,” an environmental politics conversation series, organized by Ranae Hanson. Join the next conversations by contacting [email protected].

Women in Politics:  An Interview Series
Underwritten by Valvoline and Vote. Run. Lead. 

  • Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan
  • In Conversation: Sen. Patricia Torres Ray, Rep. Alice Hausman, Rep. Rena Moran
  • Also featuring: Nausheena Hussain, Catherine Hartnett, Habon Abdulle, Pam Costain, Mindy Greiling, Pakou Hang, Rep. Heather Keeler, Sen. Mary Kunesh
  • “Shaking Up the Endorsement System” (tentative title)
  • “What I Want to Do About…”  reducing gun violence, providing affordable housing, and improving public safety.
  • Let’s Build a Legislative Scorecard — public discussion to get input on how current legislators landed on housing and other important issues this session.

Phase Three: Movement & Action

Our 2023 mission with magazine, website, and CALL membership solidarity on four themes that will be determined by momentum illuminated by October.

“Values & Vision” Book Discussions

Underwritten by University of Minnesota Press

June 30, 7pm — A conversation about solving for stigma and addiction disorders with “Opioid Reckoning” author Amy Sullivan. Sign up here:

July 21 — “Allegiance to Winds and Waters” author Anne Winkler-Morey shares what she learned about people while exploring the U.S. on a 12,000-mile bike trip. Sign up here:

August 25 — What matters to us? This discussion will focus on how we rebuild after devastating loss, with  “Take What You Need” author Jen Crow. Sign up here:

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