Interview on Ellie 2.0

Ellie Krug

Minnesota Women’s Press editor Mikki Morrissette talked with magazine columnist Ellie Krug on her “Ellie 2.0” show on AM950 progressive radio. The 23-minute conversation included how readers can support the mission of the magazine, which has been uniquely sharing the voices and vision of Minnesota women since 1985, as the longest continuously run feminist publication in the country.

Learn more about Ellie 2.0, which is focused on idealism, hosted by a transgender woman who is optimistic about the human potential.

Listen to the full interview or click the clips below for select excerpts.

Easy Ways You Can Support the Magazine

How can you support the Minnesota Women’s Press? By taking our 2020 Reader Survey.

The Unique Vision of Minnesota Women’s Press

Editor Mikki Morrissette had a strong vision for the magazine when she bought it in 2017.

Listen to the Full Interview