Celebrating Badass Minnesota Women

In-Person Event April 16, 2022

A free in-person event that was supported by Changemakers Alliance members, Valvoline, Vote.Run.Lead., Seward, and Global Rights for Women

Badass women were celebrated at an April 2022 Changemakers Alliance/Minnesota Women’s Press event: (top l-r) Angela Dawson, Ranae Hanson, Chris Stark, Patti Tototzintle, Robin Wonsley, Beth Peterson (bottom l-r) Nelima Sitati Munene, Ellie Krug, Shannon Gibney, Alla Hassan, Lucina Kayee

  • COMING: Nelima Sitate Munene on the realities of Minnesota’s housing crisis
  • COMING: Patti Tototzintle on recognizing and healing from domestic violence

Why Changemakers Alliance

Minnesota Women’s Press publisher Mikki Morrissette at the opening of the “Celebrating Badass Minnesota Women” event at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis

This year Minnesota Women’s Press is focused on solutions. We are also kicking off the extension of our first-person narratives and our social justice reporting with Changemakers Alliance — which is focused on bringing those stories and solutions to life in solidarity with people around the state who care about making Minnesota a state that is more of a collective, transformative space than one of individual transactions. You are going to hear more about that in a few minutes from the legislators.

We have wonderful readers who helped the magazine stay alive during the pandemic. We are very grateful for the donors who stepped in and the subscribers who stepped in — our subscriptions have gone up 62 percent since 2018.

Changemakers Alliance membership is going to help us build storytelling projects. I have been in the industry now for several decades. As I get towards that later end of my career, I realize what I really want to be doing is joining forces with the advocates, the grassroots organizers, and doing more that goes beyond storytelling into solutions. A lot of that is because we see the same stories that we have been running in Minnesota Women’s Press for 38 years related to gender-based violence and inequities and justice that really haven’t been fixed.

We also know that it is women who are going to be collaborative leaders in that transformation.

Changemakers Alliance is designed to bring people together from around the state to build projects that focus on ways that we can tell stories and take action, in ways that media should be part of. We are starting with stories related to healing trauma — you will see a clip of that in a few minutes. And women in politics — it is a big year for women in politics. As well as a project that is coming up for our June issue about community supportive housing.

You are going to hear from 11 women on the stage today. Each of them has five minutes to give us what we are calling an Energy Bolt that is part of our Power Hour —  explaining their passions, their hopes, their fears, their joys, and the action steps that they would like for us to take with them.