Values & Vision: “Take What You Need”

Excerpt from the Introduction

I desperately wanted a survival story to keep me company in the night, some reassurance that one day I, too, might have my own.

So, dear reader, this is that story for me – and for you. My experience will be different from your own, and what helps you may be different from what helped me. Not everyone will come to this book having experienced a house fire, but most of you will know what it is like to experience loss. To have the world as you knew it, with all of your hopes and expectations, crumble when the diagnosis or the death comes, when the lover leaves, when the change — be it welcome or unwanted — arrives. Our journeys are unique. Our resources may not be the same, and the weight of systemic oppression may land differently on your shoulders. But whoever we are, it can help to have company as we travel.

Born on the bathroom floor in the middle of the night, this book is one version of my story of survival. I hope it will keep you company as you write your own.

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