Minnesotans Talk About the Why in Politics

Video clip from “Breaking Barriers” story

Video clip from “Socioeconomic Obstacles” story; see full version here

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Electing Women in a Patriarchy

This ongoing series of conversations with Minnesota women about their engagement in politics was created as a collaboration between Amra Avdic, journalist and project director of the Contemporary Women’s Festival in Bosnia, and Minnesota Women’s Press, thanks to support from the global Community Solutions Program in Fall 2021.

Amra interviewed Minnesota women engaged with politics to share conversations with her audience in Bosnia about how to engage and support women candidates and voters in a patriarchal society. She also is in Minnesota the last two weeks of October for in-person interviews, shadowing candidates on the campaign, and more.

  • Nausheena Hussain, Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood of Empowerment — changing the perception of politics
  • Beth Peterson, Vote Run Lead — empowering women to run for office
  • Catherine Hartnett on fundraising, social change movements, reproductive rights
  • Rep. Heather Keeler on being a first-time candidate who gives Native voices a larger role in Minnesota politics
  • Pam Costain on the importance of activism, organizing, and supporting candidates — and Paul Wellstone
  • Habon Abdulle on how to build candidates from the ground floor up
  • Sen. Mary Kunesh on how to educate decision makers
  • Mindy Greiling on combatting the patriarchal bias that women are not leaders

Long-Time Voices Talk About Minnesota Politics

Video clip below is from a conversation with Rep. Alice Hausman, Rep. Rena Moran, and Sen. Patricia Torres Ray about why they are stepping away from long-time roles as a Minnesota legislator, frustrations and successes, and what they hope to see with the next generation of women leaders; full version here.

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