Legacy: Our Own Passage Through Time

Glenda Martin

As we conclude our theme focused on TIME, we want to go back to early years of Minnesota Women’s Press founders. Thanks to the archiving of Northern Lights, Minnesota Digital Library, and the Minnesota Historical Society, we have several glimpses to share:

In 1990, Glenda Martin and Mollie Hoben, founding publishers of the Minnesota Women’s Press, Inc., were interviewed about the origins of the publication.

In 1992, Glenda Martin (Minnesota Women’s Press), Griff Wigley (Utne Reader), David Wiggins (Minnesota Independent Scholar’s Forum), and Roger Seen (Minnesota Study Circles Network) talked about their involvement in developing local discussion groups, study circles, and salons. [Something Minnesota Women’s Press will be revisiting in 2022.]

In 1990, Patricia J. Bell, publisher and author of Roughing it Elegantly, a camping primer for the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area, talked with Glenda.

Mollie Hoben

In 1996, Barbara Stuhler, a community activist and author of “Gentle Warriors: Clara Ueland and the Minnesota Struggle for Women Suffrage,” was interviewed by Mollie.

In 1997, Mollie and Glenda talked about their newest national publication, Book Women, including reading groups and retreats (that are still available today), and their mission and future plans for “giving voice to women’s words.”

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