Join the #Ecolution!

Are you tired of current systems that degrade human connections and natural ecosystems?

Do you have a passion or expertise around environmental health, economic equity, or conscious consumerism?

Minnesota Women’s Press is using its unique storytelling platforms to connect people into a statewide community of people interested in action steps, best practices, challenges, research, and solutions-based reporting.

Series #1 — Food Security

Series #2 — Collective Economies & 40 Acre Co-op

Series #3 (begins November 19) — Health Disparities: Air Quality

Series #4 (begins December 21) — Regenerating Habitat

We believe it is the collaborative, collective partnerships in our state, especially those led by women, that will generate community-based wealth and health in Minnesota. We want people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities who are engaged in equity, ecology, and economics to be part of our “Eco” team — sharing ideas about the people, science, challenges, solutions, and consumer choices we should be amplifying together.

Ecolution is a new content category focused on community-based economies and the creation of sustainable and equitable ecosystems of people and planet. It is a newsletter-driven platform each week that shares insights about collaborative partnerships and innovators revolutionizing “the eco” — anything from food justice to cooperative economies to regenerative agriculture to air and water quality. We spotlight, as always, women- and non-binary-identifying voices.

Please sign up to the Ecolution Collective newsletter. It is our vehicle for connecting us in stories and solutions.

Our first step will be to interact with founding Ecolution members about what statewide stories we should be telling.

Here are some of our stories in the new Ecolution section of the website:

Why Is Minnesota Women’s Press Creating an Ecolution Movement?

Our History

Minnesota Women’s Press (MWP) has always pioneered the way we tell stories. In 1985 the founders recognized that women were experts that the media tended to overlook. A biweekly newspaper was born.

In 2009, surviving the recession when many publications did not, MWP became the monthly magazine that it is today, with first-person narratives as a centerpiece — believing that it is women’s own voices that can tell their lived experience best. Under new ownership since 2018, we proactively seek diverse stories that reflect the many perspectives needed to address disparities that weaken our resilience as people and planet.

Our Mission

Unlike most traditional media, Minnesota Women’s Press proactively welcomes story ideas from our readers, who bring a wide range of ages, identities, and viewpoints to the publication. We feature first-person experiences and perspectives, often from new writers.

Our growing library of solutions-based journalism is about discovering and sharing possibilities, told through a gender lens. What are women and non-binary community members doing to build a more sustainable future?

We have expanded our storytelling formats to include Visual Q&A’s and virtual MWP Conversations that enable readers to connect more directly with community leaders and innovators.

Created as a feminist platform in 1985, the magazine remains one of the longest running women-led progressive publications in the country.