Ecolution #1: Food Security and Appetite for Change

e·co·lu·tion / e ko looSH(e)n / noun A co-created story-sharing revolution, amplifying innovators working toward equitable economies and sustainable ecosystems
Carl Childs, Savannah McCullough, and LaTaijah Powell volunteer to help distribute meal boxes for 200 households.

AFC operates a youth program that runs an urban farm on seven sites, grows and harvests food, and distributes meals through fresh grocery boxes and recipe kits. It works largely with small local farms and farmers who are immigrants, Black, Indigenous, and people of color. Its weekly meal kits are free, and include two recipes and locally grown produce for 12 meals that are delivered to families. Taronda Richardson explains the program:

AFC makes 1,000 meals on weekdays out of its Breaking Bread kitchen in North Minneapolis and Station 81 in St. Paul’s Union Depot.

The pandemic has prohibited some of AFC’s other work, yet its central mission remains intact: to break down systemic barriers to healthy food.

The #EcolutionCollective is a newsletter series in four weekly installments focused on different topics. The inaugural theme explores food justice and the work of Appetite for Change (AFC), which provides equitable access to healthy foods.

Ecolution 1A: Big Picture

Ecolution 1B: Appetite for Change profile

Ecolution 1C: Food security in data and research (coming 10/2)

Ecolution 1D: Resources and questions to readers (coming 10/9)

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