Why I Am a Housing Advocate

“Shelters save lives, but homes end homelessness.”


Survey Results: What Do You Fear?

Minnesota Women’s Press conducted a virtual statewide survey to ask Minnesotans about their current fears.


American Bride

I decided that the print would be a self-portrait exploring my relationship with my identity as an American.


Education Before Extinction

The more you know, the less scary they are.


“I Am a Victim of a Harmful Algorithm”

Many people still do not know what algorithms are, or whether algorithms are being used to deny them coverage for health services.


The Ebb and Flow of Cancer

The fear that is most palpable to me is about the changes and loss of normalcy that will come between now and the end.


Am I Afraid of Dying?

These experiences have taught me that death need not be dreaded or feared.


Busting Racism

We believe children see and understand much more than adults think they do.


Ethnobotany and Grief

Rising temperatures, melting ice caps, and invasive species are not interested in bargaining for our survival.


Collectively Facing Down Fear: Editor’s Letter & TOC

“This fear spurs me into action.” — Lindalee Soderstrom


Op-Ed: Privacy in the Age of Abortion Restrictions

If states criminalize, restrict, or even eliminate abortion care, databases that store patient information risk being accessed by hackers and law enforcement to prosecute, publicize, and stigmatize those who have sought an abortion.