My View as a Police Chief: A Conversation with Kelly McCarthy

If we’re going to exert any force or pressure, it needs to be on the offender and not on that victim.

  • 02/22/2023

VIEW: Tale of Two Cities — Selecting a Police Chief

Particularly in policing, but in every facet of civic life, what we need is to recenter the forming of partnerships as the heart of the activity, as both the means and the end.

  • 11/01/2022

Reprint: The Police Are Defunding Minneapolis

The combination of these payouts and police misconduct settlements is approaching $150 million dollars. That’s more than three fourths of what the MPD’s budget was in 2020.

  • 09/09/2022

Summary of Hennepin County Attorney Candidate Forum

A summary of the viewpoints of the seven candidates running for Hennepin County attorney general.

  • 07/28/2022

Another High Speed Chase Death: A 6-year-old

From Racial Justice Network On Friday, July 15, 2022, Brooklyn Center Police initiated a high-speed chase through residential areas. Brooklyn

  • 07/19/2022

Public Safety On the Ballot This Year

The League of Women’s Voters Minneapolis is creating a series of commentaries related to the 2022 Midterm Elections. This is one of them.

  • 06/07/2022

Shoutout to Minneapolis’ Behavioral Crisis Response Team

Within 30 minutes, two calm, purposeful female Behavioral Crisis Response members arrived at the front gate.

  • 05/20/2022

NEWS: Investigation Report on Race-Based Policing in Minneapolis

MPD officers, supervisors, and field training officers receive deficient training, which emphasizes a paramilitary approach to policing that results in officers unnecessarily escalating encounters or using inappropriate levels of force.

  • 04/27/2022

VIEW: A 2003 Police Reform Effort Regroups

After the murder of George Floyd, community members who had been involved in earlier work for police reform returned to the agreement that had been negotiated with police and city representatives in 2003 to understand what more can be done today.

  • 02/10/2022
Amir Locke

Minneapolis City Council holds discussion on no-knock warrant policies

“Right now we don’t know how many cases are like Amir Locke. We don’t know how many people are impacted or even killed by no-knock warrants because there is no transparency.”

  • 02/09/2022

Minneapolis releases body cam footage of Amir Locke killing

The Downtown Minneapolis Police Murder of a 22-Year-Old

  • 02/04/2022

Politics: Funding Public Safety Priorities

A new public safety legislative package that will be proposed by the Minnesota House DFL when the session opens January 31 includes a budget of $100 million

  • 01/27/2022