In the News: October 2022

U.S. Has a Recovery Guide for Post–School Shootings

Principals who have been impacted by school shootings have created a guide to recovery. As retired Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis put it, principals around the country reach out to traumatized educators who similarly become part of “a club in which no one wants to be a member.” The Principal Recovery Network, a group of current and former school leaders who have experienced school gun violence, have created a 16-page guide about what to consider before reopening a school, and how to attend to students’ and staff mental health.

Source: the74million.org

Lack of Technology Teaching

Data source: code.org/promote/mn

Only 24 percent of Minnesota high schools offer computer science programming. Currently there are 13,327 open computing jobs in Minnesota, offering an average salary of $92,494. Fewer than a quarter of Minnesota’s 1,806 AP computer science tests were taken by female students in 2020; most of the tests were taken by white males.

Source: code.org/promote/mn

Good News for Bad News in Schools

There are 103 schools in Minnesota that have graduation rates below 67 percent. The good news: The Minnesota Department of Education is expanding the Collaborative Minnesota Partnerships to Advance Student Success (COMPASS) program. This will support teachers and school leaders in making improvements to literacy and math rates, as well as help assess school climate and mental health.

Source: education.mn.gov