Poem: “Me”

Photo Ellen Fee

It’s not easy being me.

Wearing a hijab, getting nasty

looks from people when crossing the streets. Constant fear of getting

it snatched.

It’s not easy being me,

Being a Black girl with racism

bouncing around. My culture

defines me. But for some

people, it makes me bad.

I’m Somali, but that doesn’t

make me a pirate. I’m kind,

not a kidnapper. I don’t treat people

differently because of the

color of their skin.

It’s not easy being me,

a Muslim, Black, beautiful girl.

My afro popping under my hijab. It’s not easy being me, a pretty,

more-than-enough young woman.

Samira Mohamed (she/her), age 11, is a student at 826 MSP. 826 MSP’s mission is to amplify the voices, stories, and power of K–12 BIPOC students through writing, publishing, and leadership programs.