Betsy Bowen, Cover Artist November 2014

Betsy Bowen’s 2014 cover

I am a printmaker and book illustrator living and working in rural northern Minnesota. I take a keen interest in observing what goes on in the natural world nearby and in the human world of families and creativity.

In my artistic life, I continue several decades of making woodblock prints of life around me, and exploring painting and drawing in various media.

Ink and watercolor

During the pandemic time, I found myself making sketchbook art to seek comfort. These Comfort Drawings have become a frequent series on my social media pages, almost daily. I notice that these sketches center on home, the place where I feel most at peace. I sense more ideas on the way. Stay tuned.


Original story

When Minnesota Women’s Press transitioned from a newspaper format to a monthly magazine in 2009, the publication began showcasing Minnesota women artists on the cover each month. They worked in many mediums, and were at various stages of their careers.

In our “35 Years of Minnesota Women’s Press” book, former publishers Norma Smith Olson and Kathy Magnuson write, “We looked for artwork that made a strong statement about being a woman, and often artwork that represented the theme of the monthly issue — from women’s bodies, homes and environments, spiritualities, politics, fitness and health, and what nourishes women.”

For this issue, we reconnected with a few past cover artists and asked them to share an update on their lives and art.