Tiffany Lange, “Hyperconnection”, acrylic and spray paint on canvas, 2021, 3’ x 6’

After a year of increased screen time during quarantine, I wanted to use abstraction to examine overstimulation and anxiousness as a millennial navigating a pandemic. Online pseudo-connections act as small relief from the isolation and stress of difficult years. For me, the unending and mindless scroll has led to a feeling of dissociation: the desire to unplug and the fear of missing out is constantly creating dissonance.

Layered pendulous shapes upon the painting surface resemble icons on our phones. Vibrant colors in neon and pastel arouse pleasures similar to those stimulated by our screens — not nourishing the body but supplying a temporary fix for connection.

I want audiences to ponder the flicker of their screens, to take a moment to be still and reflect on the frozen glow of our overly connected reality.

tiffanylangestudio.com, @tiffanylangestudio