Pro-Choice and Pro-Equality Candidates

Minnesota Women’s Press does not endorse candidates, since we do not have the team to vet all candidates fairly in order to make that assessment and then make suggestions to others. But we do have community partners who do the work to lift up candidates they support.

Here is what ERA MN has announced as its slate of certified pro-equality candidates running for the Minnesota legislature this year, in alphabetical order:

Kristin Bahner (SD37B), Erika Bailey-Johnson (SD2B), Edie Barrett (SD12A), Jamie Becker-Finn (SD40B), Sally Boos (SD6B), Aleta Borrud (SD24), Michelle Boyechko (SD11), Chris Brazelton (SD29), Sonja Buckmeier (SD30A), Caitlin Cahill (SD37A), Jennifer Carpentier (SD17A),  Frederick Cogelow (SD16B), Jackie Craig (SD57), Brion Curran (SD36B), Alicia Donahue (SD54), Brad Drenckhahn (SD20), Leigh Finke (SD66A), Peter Fischer (SD44A), Bill Fisher (SD31B), Mike Freiberg (SD43B), Hunter Froelich (SD10B), Miki Frost ((SD65A), Anita Gaul (SD16), Jess Hanson (SD55A), Hodan Hassan (SD62B), Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger (SD47A), John Hest (SD4B), Josiah Hill (SD33B), Mary Hinnenkamp (SD23A), Frank Hornstein (SD61A), John Hout (SD56B), Farhio Khalif (SD37), Alicia Kozlowski (SD8B), Mary Kunesh (SD39), Rob Kupec (SD4), Tom Kuster (SD15B), Tina Liebling (SD24B), John Marty (SD40), Maribella McDermid (SD31), Nancy McLean (SD33), Kelly Moller (SD40A), Jerry Newton (SD35B), Matt Norris (SD32B), Betsy O’Berry (SD31A), Sandy Pappas (SD65), Maria Isa Pérez-Hedges (SD65B), Erin Preese (57B), Aric Putnam (SD14), Brian Raines (SD34A), Kari Rehrauer (SD35), Judy Seeberger (SD41), Laurel Stinson (SD29A), Susie Strom (SD36A), Ron Thiessen (SD27A), Marisa Ulmen (SD22A), Brendan Van Alstyne (SD54B),  Jeremy Vinar (SD12B), Cornel Walker (SD9), and Melissa Wiklund (SD51).

ERA Minnesota, in conjunction with national partner ERA Coalition, participated in Elect Equality, a new effort to provide voters with the opportunity to learn from candidates about their stance on the Equal Rights Amendment.

“In the year when we saw the rights of women stripped away by the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, it became glaringly apparent that the best way to combat sex and gender discrimination is to finalize the ERA into our state and federal constitutions,” said Suzann Willhite, ERAMN President. “To do so, we must elect candidates that unequivocally support the ERA and equal rights for all.”

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