Lobbying for Urban Environmental Justice

How one North Minneapolis woman is tackling city development around water waste, building awareness about consumer choices, and encouraging biking as transportation

  • 06/24/2020

The Simplicity of Our Complex Ecosystem

Kate Brauman’s enthusiastic description of the work she has devoted her career to is deceptively simple: “Much of my life is focused on this: If you put stuff in the water, you end up with stuff in the water.”

  • 03/24/2020

Dalma Martinović-Weigelt: Water Protector

Green Card Voices released a book about immigrants in Minnesota who are engaged in STEM careers. We feature four of them in excerpted form in this Innovators issue.

  • 03/23/2020

Wave Rider

The first time Jenny Schwietz hit the cold water of Lake Superior north of Duluth with a surfboard, she caught

  • 05/01/2019

A Wild and Alien World

Ecosystem content is made possible by Organic Lawns by LUNSETH It was four meters long, with mesmerizing white spots on its

  • 05/01/2019

Ni Mama Akii

Ecosystem content is made possible by Organic Lawns by LUNSETH Sharon Day. (Photo by Sarah Whiting) In the Ojibwe language, Ni

  • 05/01/2018

Water is life

“We are caretakers,” says Eryn Wise. “We are life givers. We are keepers and protectors of the sacred. I think

  • 02/01/2017

Artist Rhea Pappas: Women and water reflections

Fine arts photographer Rhea Pappas takes her camera underwater

  • 10/01/2015

Sacred Water

Recognizing the interconnectedness of all things

  • 10/01/2015

Water links us all

Ann Bancroft’s latest challenge: Raising awareness of the world’s water crisis

  • 10/01/2015

Wilderness protector: Adventurer Amy Freeman

“People really need to pay attention to the importance of this [water] resource and work to preserve the clean water that we still have in the United States.”

  • 02/02/2015

Walking the water

Ecosystem content is made possible by Organic Lawns by LUNSETH A group of Native American women made their way down the

  • 07/01/2013