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Sand, Surf, and Landmines

Last spring, I was aboard a student research vessel with fellow college students to conduct research projects that ranged from phytoplankton studies to plastics and biological surveys.

Reclaiming Rights From Government and Industry

Grant Township in Pennsylvania, a town of 600, was sued…

Sovereign Science

Instead of relying on governments, Indigenous scientists and allies gather water quality data themselves.

Preserving Land to Protect Water

As conservationists like to say, we are “moving the needle.”

Liz Dodson: Creativity Around Water Rights

Today, women from all geographies, cultures, and traditions are grappling with the questions and challenges of what must be done to sustain water of the world.

Protecting Habitat of All People

Karlyn Eckman at Trestle Creek The first time Karlyn Eckman…

Betsy Damon: Defender of Water

"Everyone is still embedded in the false idea that they will always have access to lots of water."

The Wisdom of Nature

In her poignant memoir “Watershed”, Ranea Lenor Hanson points out that Minnesota is an apex whose rivers flow north to Hudson Bay, east through the Great Lakes, and south to the Gulf of Mexico. I rather enjoy the concept of our state being central to three directions. For me, it is a reminder that wherever you are in our state, there are three places you can flow.

In the News: Soil, Water, Air Quality

News about air, soil, and water quality

Storying the Mississippi

Ramona Kitto Stately is one of the women celebrated in the Women…

Ecolution: The Rights of Nature

As a speaker of Ojibwemowin (the Ojibwe language)…

Tania Aubid, Water Protector

When they took down the trees, to me that is an act of genocide. That is a declaration of war against the Ojibwe — to push this pipeline through.