Liz Dodson: Creativity Around Water Rights

The last time Liz Dodson was interviewed for the Minnesota Women’s Press, she was a 2010 Changemaker, working with others on the Women and Water Rights Exhibition at the Nash Gallery. 

As she explained: “The project recognizes that we are at the threshold of a global water crisis and seeks to present the predicament and creative interventions. Women play a central role in water provision and management. Women must be central in planning for the future. Today, women from all geographies, cultures, and traditions are grappling with the questions and challenges of what must be done to sustain water of the world. These expressions are a critical component to international dialogues about access to water and the need for creative solutions.”

Dodson has continued to be a voice for climate justice through her artwork.

She now collaborates with her son James Brenner in creating installations — Brenner does the sculpture and Dodson does the video. Their exhibitions have been displayed nationally and internationally. They have an invitation to exhibit in Siberia.

As a member of the International Association of Female Artists (IAFA) — she was their featured artist in June — Dodson will be part of a 2022 exhibition in Southern China.

Dodson encourages others to get involved in environmentally centered artwork by joining the national Women’s Caucus for Art, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in February 2022 with a special exhibition.