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Lobbying for Urban Environmental Justice

How one North Minneapolis woman is tackling city development around water waste, building awareness about consumer choices, and encouraging biking as transportation

The Simplicity of Our Complex Ecosystem

Kate Brauman’s enthusiastic description of the work she has devoted her career to is deceptively simple: “Much of my life is focused on this: If you put stuff in the water, you end up with stuff in the water.”

Dalma Martinović-Weigelt: Water Protector

Green Card Voices released a book about immigrants in Minnesota who are engaged in STEM careers. We feature four of them in excerpted form in this Innovators issue.

Wave Rider

Jenny Schwietz (Photo by Erik Gaffron) The first time Jenny…

A Wild and Alien World

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Ni Mama Akii

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Water is life

Standing Rock (Courtesy Photo) "We are caretakers," says…

Artist Rhea Pappas: Women and water reflections

Fine arts photographer Rhea Pappas takes her camera underwater

Sacred Water

Recognizing the interconnectedness of all things

Water links us all

Ann Bancroft's latest challenge: Raising awareness of the world's water crisis

Wilderness protector: Adventurer Amy Freeman

"People really need to pay attention to the importance of this [water] resource and work to preserve the clean water that we still have in the United States."

Walking the water

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