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Commentary: Why Minnesota Women STILL Do Not Have Equal Rights

For the second year in a row, equal rights in Minnesota was pushed off by legislators until the final day of session — and did not get a final vote.

(Most of) Minnesota House Says Yes to Equal Rights Amendment Resolution

Who said yes to equal rights for women?

New Campaign to Bring Equal Rights to Minnesota Women

We are recentering this story in honor the birthday of the Equal Rights movement. “Women are the majority, and it is time we exert our voting power to get the equality we deserve.”

Why We Need the ERA

The fight for legal equality for all persons continues at both the state and federal levels.

VIEW: Share This With Men for Mother’s Day

Women have had to advocate mostly for themselves with less power in leadership, government, business, and politics to make desired changes in laws and policies.

VIEW: An Advocate for Feminism

Feminism grounded in solidarity as opposed to 'success'.”

Good News

An In-the-News roundup: Deb Haaland, VAWA, and more

VIEW: Practicing Unity

I asked and listened to what voters told me about their hopes — about better jobs, wages, healthcare, and education. I also heard their fears — of more taxes, immigrants, gun laws, and “defunding the police.”

VIEW: Suzann Willhite, “Seeking Equality”

“Women’s issues” have not been adequately funded or supported since the founding of this country.

Are We Getting Equal Rights?

This 100-year battle is now being waged on three fronts: the legislative branch, the judicial branch, and the upcoming elections.

ERA Impressions from Virginia

Delegate Danica Roem, the nation’s first Transgender legislator…

How to Support Minnesota’s Equal Rights Amendment

Photo Sarah Whiting We tell our daughters and the women we…