Kyoko Katayama and Princess Titus shared personal stories of loss and learning at “MWP Conversations: Endings,” in April 2019. (photo by Sarah Whiting)

“Facing mortality has made me really look at the narratives we carry and the way we value or disvalue life I refuse to grieve in my house alone. We were a community family. Why are we not speaking [about] what’s going on in the inside?”
— Princess Titus

In April 2019, Minnesota Women’s Press hosted an event at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis that featured storytellers and breakout session conversations about the end of life. The overall message: the sooner we embrace the fact that our individual lives are finite, the faster we focus on what matters.

A post-event survey reveals that many participants are interested in future conversation circles about this topic. We are in the process of lining up sponsors to help us continue the discussions. Contact events@womenspress.com if you want to help make this happen.

VIDEO CLIPS (more to come)

Princess Titus, founder of Appetites for Change, spoke about donning war paint as she prepares to go out into the community while grieving loss.

Princess Titus talked about her approach to death, informed by her own childhood experience, and the death of her teenage son.