2014 Changemakers: Alexandra Pierce and Lauren Martin

Sex trafficking operations employ systematic psychological, physical and sexual brutality to develop a 'product,' which is girls to sell.

2013 Changemaker: Katy Tessman Stanoch

'Our Mama is a Beautiful Garden' A book for children to understand…

2013 Changemaker: Allison Broeren

"When we can really become a community of strong women together, we can help support each other and we can help lift each other up in different ways."

2013 Changemaker: Cindy Larson

"Veterans don't ask for help. For someone to make the call and come in, it's a big step in and of itself. I get some amount of respect and trust because I'm another veteran. ... They know you know where they're coming from."

2013 Changemaker: Pippi Ardennia

"It is so important for us to share with these girls our experiences in the business, what we've overcome, how to make your way in this business, and most of all, to let them know they are not alone and a path has been laid for them."

2013 Changemakers: “Nellie”

I wanted to show the genesis of how people become who they are. Everyone's always looking for the big flares, but for her, it was a series of soft tugs to pay attention, to make connections. ... We see Nellie evolve into an activist, into herself, and that's important."

2013 Changemakers: Ami Wazlawik and Hollaback! Twin Cities

"If we could get to a point where all girls and women felt empowered to speak their minds on a regular basis, I would die a happy feminist."

2013 Changemakers: The Girls Restorative Program

"We made statues with words that express how we should be." — Rashonda, 16

2013 Changemaker: Angela Champagne-From

"People don't survive what I survived not to share their story and not to promote change."

2013 Changemaker: Marriage equality

"In Minnesota, we don't turn our back on our families." - Rep. Karen Clark

2013 Changemaker: Janeé Harteau

"I think women have the ability to check their ego at the door and roll up their sleeves and get the work done regardless of credit."

2012 Changemaker: Susan Strauss

"It's important that the behavior be correctly named because sexual harassment, or any kind of harassment, is a violation of a student's civil rights."