Changemaker Barbara Porwit: Artist turns health challenges into personal power

by Terri Peterson Smith "Giving these women an invitation…

2015 Changemakers: The Anna Westin Act

Advocates work to pass legislation to eliminate discrimination for those with eating disorders

2015 Changemaker: Sarah Deer

Author of "The Beginning and End of Rape" continues her work to stop violence against Native women

2015 Changemakers: Minneapolis NAACP

Women take a fresh approach to leadership of this venerable organization

2015 Changemakers: MN Tradeswomen & JE Dunn Construction

MN Tradeswomen: Front Row L-R: MJ Fackler, Lisa Hansen,…

2015 Changemakers: Panyia Vang, Linda Miller & Sia Her

Sia Her, Panyia Vang and Linda MillerPhotograph by Mary…

2014 Changemaker: Barb Greenberg

"It is empowering when you find your courage again. You don't need a prince to rescue you - you've rescued yourself."

2014 Changemakers: Women’s Art Institute

How to Be a Feminist Artist, an art exhibit at St. Catherine University

2014 Changemaker: Ann Manning

Organizing a national Women's Congress for Future Generations advocating for environmental change and economic justice

2014 Changemaker: Betty Folliard

The organizer of the "We Are Woman" Minnesota Delegation led a trip to the Washington, D.C., rally and renewed efforts to pass the ERA

2014 Changemaker: Ethelind Kaba

"This is a more proactive way of looking at the experience of being a girl. The goal is to get some of these girls in to talk about issues before there's a problem."

2014 Changemaker: Women’s Economic Security Act

The law expands unpaid leave for parents and provides other support to improve economic security for women