2011 Changemaker: SlutWalk Minneapolis

"[the SlutWalk] message isn't telling people 'don't get raped,' it's telling people 'don't rape.'"

2011 Changemakers: ‘Women Making Change’

"If you don't like something, work to change it."

2011 Changemakers: Girls Getting Ahead in Leadership

"At GGAL, we're all the same."

2011 Changemaker: Monica Nilsson

"Most people think they have nothing in common with a homeless person, ... Any way that we can build a bridge, to see that we have more in common than we have difference."

2011 Changemaker: Global Women’s Leadership Convening

"The bold question [for the café conversation] was 'how do we prepare and propel more women into leadership roles in public life and civil society?'"

2011 Changemaker: Safe Harbor legislation

"While this is huge, we are by no means close to being done."

2012 Changemaker: Minnesota nurses’ strike

"It felt like we were doing something extremely positive not just for the profession but for the patients and the community and the people who come through our doors."

2012 Changemaker: ‘Abandon ME’

"What women like about it is that it's not explicit. It's more powerful because it's symbolic rather than explicit."

2010 Changemaker: Peace Circle Initiative

"There were three shootings into my house. I couldn't sit around and watch it happen."

2010 Changemaker: Women & Water Rights

"We thought that by reaching out to different groups, having exhibits and different events, we could use art as the catalyst to bring the issue [of women and water rights] into sharper focus."

2010 Changemaker: The Reentry Clinic

"We're here to stabilize and support people in the choices they make. ... be supportive but also hold people accountable."

2010 Changemaker: Hnub Tshiab

"People must first become personal agents of change in order to create social change."