2018 Changemaker: Leslie Redmond

Photo by Sarah Whiting Leslie Redmond is a community leader,…

2018 Changemaker: Der Yang

For Der Yang, becoming a lawyer was a natural progression…

First Nations Women’s Caucus

L-R: Mary Kunesh-Podein, Susan Allen, Jamie Becker-Finn and…

WeARE The Clinic

L-R: Cindy Moore, Julie Ingleman, Becky Twamley and Sue Hadland.…

2017 Changemakers: Women’s March Marchers – YOU!

Nevertheless she persisted"... your efforts for raising women's voices and lives shake the world

2017 Changemakers: Girls in Aviation Day

I just think it's great that we are able to share STEM programs with the next generation.

2017 Changemaker: Melissa Hortman

We're going to sit at the table, say what we need to say, and take credit for our ideas. When we see other women struggling we're going to support each other.

2017 Changemaker: Ilhan Omar

The first Somali-American, Muslim legislator in the United States. "I think that women are the backbone of all of our societies and politics is part of our lives. In order to create a better society we have to be actively involved in politics because that's where change can be shaped."

Sarah Rasmussen

As artistic director of the Jungle Theater since 2016, she has made dramatic advances in the local theater world for women. "If we want the next generation of local female writers, then let's start cultivating that now."

2017 Changemakers: Young Women’s Initiative of Minnesota

The Governor's Office and the Women's Foundation of Minnesota join together on a program for young women - the first of its kind in the United States. "It's not enough to build resilience for individuals. We need to change entire systems."

2016 Changemaker: Barbara Battiste

Changemakers: Working with facts to make change for women…

2016 Changemaker: Nausheena Hussain

Nausheena Hussain has a quiet composure, sitting at the…