Do it Green! Minnesota: 15th Annual Green Gifts Fair

Mark your calendars for our four day event, the 15th Annual Virtual Green Gifts Fair event November 19-22, 2020! *

  • 11/19/2020

Visual Q&A: Priscilla Trinh

Our first #MWPEcolution Q&A is about the intersectionalities of justice, race, and climate.

  • 06/25/2020

Implications for the Future

From my vantage point, status quo unpleasantries in America run deeper than the unpleasant realities of this pandemic. These rooted issues have been addressed before, so I will spare the doom and gloom. What excites me is that I, among a myriad of others, have visions for alternative futures.

  • 05/04/2020

‘Cultivate 2012’

“I wanted to explore the linkages among health, poverty, agriculture and our food system. Immigrants are critical to our food system and they cannot be left behind in the local food movement.”

  • 07/02/2011

Co-op women

“We may look like a bunch of grocers, but, really, we come to work every day with the intention of saving our world.”

  • 07/02/2011

The right stuff

It’s more expensive to buy organic. But what’s the true cost?

  • 10/02/2006

A mysterious illness changed her life

“I’m idealistic. I want everybody to not only access healthy food for themselves but for the sustainability of our planet. “-

  • 09/02/2006