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Rep. Heather Keeler on Transparency, Gun Violence, Inclusion

If I can be honest in who I am, and the opportunity that I have in this seat, hopefully there is a little girl out there who can hear or see a message and realize that it is a possibility for them — that they are not too broken to do this work. We all deserve to be in this space and make these changes together.

CALL: Alla Hassan on Kindness, Purpose, and Learning About Each Other

https://youtu.be/6pMaX2cgwAI Transcript Excerpt I…

Sexual Violence Prevention = Housing Justice

Stable housing is vital for survivors of violence to heal and feel safe again.

Stronger Sexual Assault Statutes

“I think that ensuring justice for assault survivors is a priority for everyone. It just doesn’t always get the attention it deserves."

Irene Ochoa: Emotional Lifeline

I can understand the challenges that make it hard to escape the abuse. Part of my support is reaffirming that I believe what they say.

A Place to Be Seen

You own your body. You own your mind. You are life.

Then & Now: On Campus, in Media, and for Protection

Individualized responses to systemic issues will never solve the problem at its root.

Barracks Night

For the Women in the Dorms

SOS: The Role of Sexual Assault Advocates

“The legal aspect is one thing, but the healing aspect is another. Often survivors have to pay out of pocket to receive services for trauma they endured by the hands of someone else.”

Aftermath of an Assault: 1989

excerpted from the archives of Minnesota Women’s Press

Tag Archive for: sexual assault