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How to Welcome New Ukrainian Neighbors

Minnesota welcomed 132 Afghan families last winter with strong…

Poem: “Our Mothers”

Do you ever wonder about the mother of Moses?

My Path to the Polish-Ukrainian Border

Our gratitude to Bernadine Joselyn for sharing her 6,800-word essay with us about her recent experiences in Poland with Ukrainian refugees. This is an excerpt.

Commentary: Regarding Ukraine

Reprinted with permission from Minnesota Prairie Roots I…

Serving Afghan Refugees

Most of the refugees are currently in the Twin Cities, 80 are in Rochester, and some are arriving to Saint Cloud.

Collective Effort: Resettling Afghan Refugees in Minnesota

There are dozens of people statewide who are working together…

Naheed and Yusra Murad: Supporting Basic Needs

“It is not possible for someone to have a sense of physical, mental, and social well-being without having safe, stable, dignified housing.”

Welcoming Afghans for the Long Haul

Michele Garnett McKenzie In a Minnesota hotel last week,…

Michelle Rivero Identifies the Labels of Fear

Michelle Rivero (Photo by Sarah Whiting) In 2014, when the…

Shannon Gibney: Under-Told Stories

Shannon GIbbney is a writer, educator, activist and the author…

Where Do I Belong? Zaynab Abdi

Since 2013, Green Card Voices has produced video and print storytelling…

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