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Brion Curran

New Rules Discussed to Redefine Charges for Labor Trafficking in Minnesota

New legislator Brion Curran is co-author of HF42 January…

My Path Into Labor Rights

"One of the most important people at the rally was neither a politician nor an Amazon employee. Running operations behind the scenes alongside workers was a 23-year-old college student named Nimo Omar. At the Awood Center, people affectionately call her the lioness." — Wired magazine

Making the Invisible Visible: Immigrant Laborers

Veronica Mendez Moore, Photo Sarah Whiting Veronica Mendez…

Labor unions adapt

On average, women covered by a union contract earn almost 34 percent more than those who are not, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2012 Changemaker: Minnesota nurses’ strike

"It felt like we were doing something extremely positive not just for the profession but for the patients and the community and the people who come through our doors."

Union presidents: activists, counselors, collaborators, leaders

"Women tend to work in collectives very comfortably-which makes union work a comfortable place to be active."