Using Our Voice & Vote

MWP Conversations: #2

There is no more powerful way to initiate significant social change than to start a conversation. When a group of people discover that they share a common concern, that’s when the process of change begins.

— Margaret Wheatley

How do we build intersectional momentum for the issues we care about? That was the topic of a four-hour evening discussion and sit-down dinner at Carondelet Center in St. Paul in October 2018.

photos by Sarah Whiting; film clips taken by FilmNorth and edited by Sophia Morrissette

A large conversation group focused on how to develop lobbying skills, moderated by Asma Mohammed, alongside lobbyist Sarah Walker of MZA+Co., Vote-Climate, Health Care for All Minnesota, MN Nurses Association, and Active Voices.

Senator Patricia Torres Ray and Nekima Levy Armstrong delivered a joint keynote address about what they have heard and seen on the campaign trail, and challenged us about what we need to do to effect greater change with “Progressive Solidarity.”

Their Powerpoint presentation is below.

Zaynab Abdi moderated a discussion about voting rights and Census 2020, alongside League of Women Voters and Common Cause. 

Suzanne Candell offered experiential exercises in how to reframe storytelling with people who have different viewpoints. 

Anika Bowie and Nelima Sitati Munene discussed two fractured systems that need strong leadership in this election cycle — criminal justice reform and housing. Stephannie Lewis moderated that session. Unfortunately there were audio difficulties with that session, so it is not available.

Powerpoint presentation (1 minute) created by Sen. Patricia Torres Ray and Nekima Levy Armstrong about “Progressive Solidarity.”