To Be Yourself

“To Be Yourself,” 2020, Chinese Painting, Mounted Rice Paper, 16”x 20”

I learned to love painting from my father, who was a local artist and teacher in my hometown of Zhuhai, China. I made art my passion as I went to study animation and film at the Central Academy of Beijing. Eventually, this led me to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

I want to capture the pure memories of childhood on paper. The world is full of commotion, and I want to give people a sense of peace. I try to express the carefree innocence, happiness, funny moments, and yearning for freedom and mutual love that is untarnished by age. My hope is for these feelings to resonate with the audience.

In my work, “To Be Yourself,” I captured a young girl imagining that she is bigger than her reality. She is standing on a stool pretending to be an adult. She drapes herself in a cloak because it gives her a feeling of confidence.