Community Healing Related to Police Violence

There are several community healing spaces available this week

  • 04/12/2021

Re-Imagining the Role of Women in Religion

“We need to demonstrate that it’s not an oxymoron to be a Christian feminist,” said one of the conference organizers.

  • 12/25/2020

At Home in Oneself Online Course

It is so easy to find oneself on high alert, tense and exhausted by living through times with high levels

  • 09/18/2020

the art of hope / the hope of art (Online Course)

In this time of pandemics and great social movement, how do we nourish that little seed of hope? What is

  • 09/17/2020

Writing the Sacred Journey: Introductory Workshop Online Course

Spiritual memoir is the practice of listening deeply to our life experiences through the creation of artful, true stories. We

  • 09/08/2020

Witnessing Compassion Film Series: The Passion of Joan of Arc

WITNESSING COMPASSION FILM SERIESJoin us for two film screenings and conversations that stretch our concept of compassion and the key

  • 05/30/2020

The Enneagram and Tao Ching: 9 Paths for Crazy Times

Join a contemplative journey into 9 themes that converge when the 9 Enneagram types are aligned with ancient wisdom from

  • 05/14/2020

Writing as Contemplation: An Evening Conversation

Contemplation, as the Buddhist priest and poet Issa illustrates, is a field of intimacy, and writing is one entrance. Writers

  • 05/06/2020

Celebrate the Spice-Bearing Women

On the 3rd Sunday of Easter, the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrates the Myrrh-Bearing Women. Mary Kaye Medinger, Joan Mitchell, and

  • 04/26/2020

Difficult Conversations: The Art and Science of Working Together

The Difficult Conversations Project is an initiative to help people have respectful, productive dialogues on the challenges that confront our

  • 04/24/2020

I Am Cate Blanchett

I Am Cate Blanchett, written and performed by Susan Langston, is the inspirational tale of one woman’s journey down the

  • 04/24/2020

Compassion in Challenging Times: Etty Hillesum and Us

In a day and age when compassion and community can seem in short supply, we turn to Etty Hillesum (1914-1943).

  • 04/14/2020