Faith & Fight: Barbara Satin Spent Decades Advocating for Trans Inclusion in Church Communities

As a devout Catholic who spent time in the seminary in her late teens, Satin says she knew that there was little room for women in leadership in the Catholic church and absolutely no acceptance of a transgender person.

  • 05/28/2022

Separation & Impermanence

If I did not want to lose my passion for change — a casualty of my drive and intensity — I had to find another path.

  • 02/28/2022

Elder to Ancestor

My internalized oppressions shamed and screamed, “You did not do enough! Do something! Do more!”

  • 11/30/2021

Community Healing Related to Police Violence

There are several community healing spaces available this week

  • 04/12/2021

Re-Imagining the Role of Women in Religion

“We need to demonstrate that it’s not an oxymoron to be a Christian feminist,” said one of the conference organizers.

  • 12/25/2020

2018 Changemaker: Eileen Hudon

Small red prayer ties. The smell of sage. Eileen Hudon and her friend Pam Gokey sit in Hudon’s apartment making

  • 12/01/2018

Changing My Religion

LGBTQ+ content is made possible by Ellie Krug For many years I have been a part of a Unitarian Universalist church community deeply

  • 12/01/2018

Our Catholic-Atheist-Jewish Family

I grew up Catholic, attending a faith-based elementary school. As a teenager, and in college, I found others who were exploring Catholicism

  • 03/01/2018

Voices on everyday spirituality

Each month we ask our readers to respond to a question. For March we asked: How does spirituality show up in

  • 03/01/2016

Re-Imagining: Revisited and revived

Gathering the stories of a historic conference – and keeping the spirit moving

  • 03/01/2016

“God Girl”

Twin Cities playwright Kristine Holmgren takes a swing at the stained-glass ceiling. “Historically, the church was a boys’ club more than most fields, so it’s not surprising women were so unwelcome.”

  • 02/01/2015

Ritual co-creator Kaia Svien

“In embracing what is being left behind, it allows us to birth something new. Treating our loss honorably is the seed for what can emerge.”

  • 04/02/2014