Swallowing Your Problems Whole

“I Had a Dream About You Last Night” 30”x24” acrylic on canvas, pen on paper, gauche.

I don’t usually have the vision of an end goal for my art. Everything is always changing and always moldable. This piece in particular was changed several times throughout the process. It started originally because I simply knew I wanted to paint some sort of fish. I knew nothing else of what I wanted it to become. It was my attempt at tackling my first large piece of artwork.

Impatience is conveyed in this piece. Impatience in the process of creating it — wanting it to be finished. Impatience depicted by the figure, eating a fish live, raw, and swimming.

I personally hate eating fish. If I’m going to eat one for the health benefits, a quick and easy path down the tube is my best bet.

For me, this painting shows that — despite grappling with feelings of impatience and agitation with your current situation — the best thing you can do is not waste your time and just swallow your problems whole.

Sarah LaBarre (she/her) is a senior at Southwest High School in Minneapolis.