“Dry, Dry, Dry”

Andie Kiley, “3/20/2019,” watercolor on paper, 24”x 18”

Says artist Andie Kiley, “It is Better to let yourself go free. When I draw, I follow wherever my hand takes me, and I’m very relaxed when I work. I take things as they come and try not to be forceful, and if I don’t feel it, I’m not going to try to do it.”

Kiley’s visual art practice reflects her love of music and interest in rhythm. May of her watercolor paintings are composed of a series of stripes. She spends hours in the studio waiting for each stripe to dry before moving on. She has developed a song for the paintings while she waits: “Dry, Dry, Dry,” which she sings to the tun of the Beatles’ “All You Need is Love.”

Time is an important part of her work.

“Sometimes when I am waiting I have to fight off the urge to continue. ‘You should stop now, before this turns into mud,'” she tells herself.

Kiley leaves most of her works untitled. “I don’t know what to call them, so I just leave them be,” she says. She wants viewers to bring their own interpretations.

Kiley is presenting the untitled painting featured here in “Booty Body,” the inaugural exhibition at Interact Gallery. The Saint Paul-based Interact Center works with artists who challeneg perceptions of disability.

Details: gallery.interactcenter.org