CALL: What We Are Talking About This Week

Notes from our weekly Changemakers Alliance newsletter

On Morality, Transformation, and Vulnerability: A Talk by the Publisher

Historical perspectives about transformative justice, philosophy about human evolution, and stories from the Changemakers Alliance visits to statewide communities for the "Hometown Values & Vision" series.

Next Step Program: How Healing and Transformation Can Emerge From Violence

An elementary school child looked out the window and saw…

Commentary: My Abortion Experience in 1962

I was in a panic. I was sure there were doctors — and others — who would perform abortions for a price, but how to find one?

University of Minnesota Women’s Center

The Women’s Center advances intersectional gender equity for…

Gaia Democratic School

GAIA DEMOCRATIC SCHOOL K-12 grade- a small, unique, independent…

Luann Dummer Center for Women

The Center's programs, activities, and resources foster the…

Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women

The Center actively supports the St. Catherine University mission…