The 3 Ds: Debate, Discussion, Dialogue

As words swirl around health care, how do we effectively…

Union presidents: activists, counselors, collaborators, leaders

"Women tend to work in collectives very comfortably-which makes union work a comfortable place to be active."

2008 Changemaker: Girl-focused education

"We intentionally recruit from underserved populations."

2008 Changemaker: MPOWER camp: math + science = tons of girl fun

"We are empowering urban girls through science and mathematics."

She rules the school

"Change is coming, not as quickly as we'd like. But it is coming."

Chingwell’s Mutombu’s global village

"I cannot change the world, but I can start with one person, knowing that it will grow. The ripple effects can be huge."

Big dreams

Single with kids, student mothers beat the odds

Is women’s studies still relevant?

Founded in the late '60s, the academic discipline of women's studies has now expanded to include gender and sexuality studies as well as racism, environmental equity and peace studies. With all these changes ... is women's studies still relevant?

Birds & Bees

What are Minnesota’s public schools teaching about sex? The answer may surprise you.

Adventurous entrepreneur

Luisa Fuentes-Tuel is an immigrant, mother and businesswoman who’s proud of her Peruvian roots

Activists in training

Today's women activists are changing the universe - and becoming leaders, too