What Is Our Story of Equity? Editor’s Letter & TOC

Minnesota Women’s Press Publisher and Editor Mikki Morrissette

The goal of true change agents is recognizing what prevents a person from achieving health, security, and connection — and actively working to add what is missing so that we have a society that truly thrives.

In this month’s theme of Statewide Equity, we take a step to name the inequities in Minnesota. Many states are fighting similar issues, and there is much we love about our state — but as new census data shows, for example, the Twin Cities’ housing crisis is the worst in the nation.

What happens when people cannot find affordable, safe, livable housing?

  • As contributor Rachel Martin Asproth points out, lack of housing means many women stay in abusive relationships.
  • Qannani Omar says certain neighborhoods are held hostage by a lack of development.
  • Kassidy Tarala, and our Q&A conversation with housing experts, reveal other pain points and solutions.
  • Feven Gerezgiher reports about the struggles of children in rural communities who need more mental health options.
  • Demetria Dickinson writes about shoring up agricultural equity for emerging farmers.

Other stories are about the statewide effort to welcome Afghan refugees, and to support underpaid health-care workers who are leaving their jobs because of the pandemic workload.

Changemakers Alliance Update

Since 1985, our stories have revealed a state full of innovative and resilient women. Now we begin to put that power into the same virtual room.

Minnesota Women’s Press has launched a spinoff that includes conversations with experts, writers, readers, and solution-makers. The tagline: “Collaborative media created with Minnesotans who care about solving issues.”

We are excited about this new development. Use these links to register for conversations scheduled so far:

Table of Contents

Equity — Housing: A Foundation, Not a Commodity

Changemakers Alliance — Housing Experts Propose Solutions

Money & Business — Land Trust Cultivates Ownership

Education — Training Health-Care Workers in a Crisis

Action — Sexual Violence Prevention = Housing Justice

Immigration — Serving Afghan Refugees

Mental Health — Rural Kids Lack Mental Health Care

Ecolution — Supporting Emerging Farmers

BookShelf — The Fire She Fights

Thoughts — Reverberating Bodies