What Is Our Story of Equity? Editor’s Letter & TOC

“People need jobs, equality, education. We still need to organize to learn how the economics and politics drive everything in life. Can’t stop now.” —Nellie Stone Johnson, at the age of 90 in 1995
Minnesota Women’s Press Publisher and Editor Mikki Morrissette

The goal of true change agents is recognizing what prevents a person from achieving health, security, and connection — and actively working to add what is missing so that we have a society that truly thrives.

In this month’s theme of Statewide Equity, we take a step to name the inequities in Minnesota. Many states are fighting similar issues, and there is much we love about our state — but as new census data shows, for example, the Twin Cities’ housing crisis is the worst in the nation.

What happens when people cannot find affordable, safe, livable housing?

  • As contributor Rachel Martin Asproth points out, lack of housing means many women stay in abusive relationships.
  • Qannani Omar says certain neighborhoods are held hostage by a lack of development.
  • Kassidy Tarala, and our Q&A conversation with housing experts, reveal other pain points and solutions.
  • Feven Gerezgiher reports about the struggles of children in rural communities who need more mental health options.
  • Demetria Dickinson writes about shoring up agricultural equity for emerging farmers.

Other stories are about the statewide effort to welcome Afghan refugees, and to support underpaid health-care workers who are leaving their jobs because of the pandemic workload.

Changemakers Alliance Update

Since 1985, our stories have revealed a state full of innovative and resilient women. Now we begin to put that power into the same virtual room.

Minnesota Women’s Press has launched a spinoff that includes conversations with experts, writers, readers, and solution-makers. The tagline: “Collaborative media created with Minnesotans who care about solving issues.”

We are excited about this new development. Use these links to register for conversations scheduled so far:

Table of Contents

Equity — Housing: A Foundation, Not a Commodity

Changemakers Alliance — Housing Experts Propose Solutions

Money & Business — Land Trust Cultivates Ownership

Education — Training Health-Care Workers in a Crisis

Action — Sexual Violence Prevention = Housing Justice

Immigration — Serving Afghan Refugees

Mental Health — Rural Kids Lack Mental Health Care

Ecolution — Supporting Emerging Farmers

BookShelf — The Fire She Fights

Thoughts — Reverberating Bodies