What Do We Value? – Editor’s Letter and TOC

Publisher Mikki Morrissette

When I was young, I was fascinated with my mother’s 1972 book “Values Clarification,” which prompts readers to discover what matters most to them. I thought of that dog-eared book as I saw election results come in — our collective values tabulated from ballot boxes. I think of it sitting on my bookshelf now, as we honor in this magazine the values that have inspired individuals and groups to make change happen.

Chisholm’s Seraphia Gravelle (Aguallo) stepped into action after she saw people “bolder in their racism.”

The Somali Sisters Network stood together in solidarity to talk openly about sexual violence.

Sarah Ingram chose to prioritize employee health, instead of normalizing long hours with no life outside the restaurant industry.

Brainerd’s Kimberly Pilgrim supports resilience for those who are dealing with life transitions.

Missy Whiteman uses art as part of a collective movement. “This is the way we create now — we come together and use art as ceremony.”

UnRestrict Minnesota, a coalition of 28 groups, brought a lawsuit that removed abortion rights restrictions and is working on next steps for Minnesota as a safe haven.

The Importance of Coalition

Minnesota Women’s Press has recognized Changemakers for 33 years. People who were celebrated the first year included Karen Thompson, who fought a court battle to have caregiving rights after her lesbian partner was involved in a disabling car accident. Winston Granger was recognized as founder of Seniors for Choice, which protected abortion rights in the Minnesota legislature.

Today, the values of LGBTQ+ rights and reproductive choice are in relatively safe hands in Minnesota. The recent election included a record number of candidates who were pro- choice, LGBTQ+, and women of color. Yet we also know that without diligent attention, long-standing issues remain. In 1989, for example, headlines in Minnesota Women’s Press included: “[Supreme Court] Decision Heats Up Abortion Debate,” “Schools to Take Next Step Toward Inclusive Curricula,” and “Violence Against Women: Has Anything Changed?”

Clarify and act on your values during the conversations and solutions we offer during the next Changemakers Alliance season.

Welcome Crystal Brown

We are pleased to announce the hiring of Crystal Brown, who will be building relationships between rural, suburban, and urban members.

“Hi y’all. I am delighted to be the first outreach director for Minnesota Women’s Press and Changemakers Alliance. I call Paynesville home, and now reside in North Minneapolis. My background is in social work, with a master’s degree from Augsburg University. I have worked in the issues of reproductive justice, mental health, and housing. I am passionate about telling the narratives of women and turning those stories into conversations that lead to action and change statewide.”

Learn more from Crystal here.

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